The team

The team

Euroquality consultants, engineers, doctors and policy managers, have a strong experience in European projects, and therefore a good knowledge of the ins and outs of European calls for projects. Besides, Euroquality consultants have specific and technical knowledge and experiences in several technological domains.


Marc graduated from ESTACA ; He is the founder of Euroquality, company created in 1997, after 15 years working in research and high technologies. He started his career in the French department of Defense where he was in charge of research programmes regarding security of plane pilots and military equipments for helicopters. He worked later on for Défense Conseil International (DCI) in the field of management of international programmes for armament. Since 1997, he has prepared and management numerous research projects, has supported innovative companies and has also created an associated company in Bulgaria, Europroject. He is currently CEO of both Euroquality and Europroject.

Barthélémy MAILLARDEnvironment and Energy

Barthélémy graduated from the ENSCR Rennes (National School of Chemistry in Rennes). He positions himself as an expert in analytical chemistry and environment sciences. Barthélémy started his career in the MTM laboratory of the Örebo University in Sweden where he worked on development of Persistent Organic Pollutants detection process by GC-MS in the framework of the Stockholm Convention. He has worked for Euroquality since 2011 and he is nowadays chief of the Environment – Energy – Sustainable Development department. He has strong competences in environmental management, environmental law and sustainable development. In addition, Barthélémy has developed a strong expertise in the agricultural sector and in particular in viticulture.

Yannick LAFONEnvironment and Energy

Yannick is an energy engineer arrived at Euroquality in 2015. He has a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from Grenoble INP – Ense3, a French leading school in energy, water and environmental issues, with a specialisation in Energy Systems and Associated Markets. He then get a Master’s degree in Political Sciences to better understand the links between the technical issues and the socio-economic ones as well as the European stakes. After an internship in United States working on renewable energies, Yannick joined Euroquality’s team to support the energy and environment department and widen the expertise towards energy projects.

Cécile FLIGNYHealth and Agrofood

Cécile graduated with a Master Degree in Physiology and obtained her PhD in Physiology and Pathophysiology at Pierre and Marie Curie University – Paris, France. She has over 10 years of experience in managing preclinical and clinical research projects in academic laboratories (France, USA), as well as in regulatory writing in the Biotechnology Industry (Belgium). Cécile is connected with EU funded projects for over 7 years, first as a project partner and now as a project manager at Euroquality in the Food and Health sectors.

Guillaume PELCEICT

Guillaume graduated from SUPELEC, a French engineering school specialised in the information sciences, energy and systems. He also obtained an MSc in Power Systems Engineering at University College London – UK. After an internship in energy efficiency, Guillaume joined Euroquality to support the departments of energy and of information and communication technologies.

Oriane MARCHALEnvironment

Oriane got a Master’s degree in Environment Engineering from ENSC-Rennes (National School of Chemistry in Rennes) as well as a MBA in innovative projects management. After a 1st experience in a French cluster specialised in water management, she worked as European Project Manager for 2 years in the transport field. She joined Euroquality in January 2017 and supports clients in European projects setting up and management in the environmental fields.

Paul PONSAREducation and culture

Paul graduated from the IEP Lille (Political Sciences School) with a special expertise in company and project management. Thanks to his education, he has a very good knowledge of the European institutions and its functioning. After a one year apprenticeship working on international project at the Transformation and Performance service of Safran, he worked in a management consultancy agency for almost two years. Familiar with large-scale project he has joined Euroquality to work on project linked to training, culture and collaborative research, his favourite subjects.