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Consulting Company Specialised In European Projects Setting Up And Management

The company

Since 1997, Euroquality supports technological and methodological innovation within all organisations active in R&D (SME, industries, research centres, NGOs, universities, etc.).

Its consultancy mission is to help its clients to position themselves within innovative collaborative projects mainly funded by the European Commission (Horizon Europe, H2020, LIFE, Erasmus+, …) in cooperation with international partners by performing the setting-up and the management of their projects. Euroquality has today an ever-growing network of excellence partners.

The company

Experts since 1997 More than 60 projects successfully funded
More than €160 million
of European funds raised for its clients
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Our services


  • Analysing European programmes and calls for projects
  • Searching for partners at European and international scales
  • Structuring and defining project actions and strategies
  • Negotiating and finalising project financial aspects
  • Writing and submitting proposals


  • Managing administrative and financial aspects
  • Developing tailormade tools
  • Coordinating the day-to-day management
  • Organising international meetings (e.g. logistics, facilitation, and minutes)


  • Writing and implementation of the communication plan
  • Creating dissemination materials and designing, updating, and maintaining public websites
  • Leading and participating to international events
  • Supporting the definition of an exploitation plan


  • Organising trainings on the European funding programmes and projects setting up and management
  • Offering training sessions combining theory, practical assignment and business case studies


  • Performing European programmes impact evaluation
  • Coordinating prospective studies
  • Defining thematic roadmaps and research agendas

The Team

Euroquality is composed of a multidisciplinary and dynamic team to support your projects. Euroquality consultants are engineers, PhD, economists and experts in public policy and they have a strong experience in European projects and a deep knowledge of their challenges and objectives. They are able to understand your innovation projects and advise you at the closest of your needs, also coming up with suggestions to help you build a strong and ambitious project.

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A warm thank you from ALTRAN’s side. Great people, great work !


After such an efficient cooperation during the proposal preparation phase I'm more than certain that we will have the chance of narrow cooperation in the case of positive evaluation. Well done!!

Costas Karystas (CRES)

I wish to express to you both my deep gratitude for your excellent work and leadership in fashioning a proposal that looks indeed compelling and very attractive. Thank you for your collaboration!

Prof. Michael Graetzel (EPFL)

Thank EQY team for excellent job done!

Jure Ratej (ETREL)

In the framework of a european collaborative project answering the LIFE programme,[…] the Euroquality’s team […] showed an incredible flexibility and synthesis capability. […] Euroquality has facilitated significant improvement of the project maturity.

[…] Euroquality has been selected to set up the project from the research of partners to the writing of the proposal according to LIFE standards. […] The relevance, the efficiency and the great experience of Euroquality’s team allow our proposal to be selected for funding by the European Commission.

Euroquality answered perfectly our needs: they understood quickly our research project, they found adapted partners, and they were able to formulate and present it perfectly according to the expectation of the Erasmus + programme.

Euroquality helped the ADEME and the partners to set up the project. […] The collaboration benefited greatly our LIFE project CLIM’FOOT that had been selected for funding by the programme.

It is thanks to the support of a specialised innovation consulting company that we were able to ask ourselves the good questions, that we were able to apprehend the constraints of our project and to earn time to build with the consortium a strong proposal that ensure the profitability of our innovation in the short and mid-term. […]

[…] Thanks to them [Euroquality], we have submitted and won two Strategic Partnership – Erasmus+ projects on these last three years. […] Euroquality knows how to support us in our research and development strategy at the EU scale.

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