The Team

The consultants of the energy department are engineers specialised in various domains linked with energy (renewables, challenges for network integration, energy efficiency) and they will support you for the setting up and the management of your European projects.

The consultants of the Environment Department are working on technology innovation projects but also on social and organisational innovation projects, supporting local food transition as well as the development of new technologies to reduce the use of pesticides and protect biodiversity. Among others, the areas of interest and expertise of our consultants are Sustainable agriculture, Bioeconomy and bio-based products, New governance, Adaptation and resilience toward climate change.

The Health department support multidisciplinary and intersectoral research in (e-)health and biotechnology to promote translational medicine at the service of citizens and health systems. Through the coordination of European and international projects, the consultants of the health department participate in funding for research, teaching and therapeutic innovation.

The consultants of the Economy & Society department coordinate the setting up and management of projects focused on humanities and social sciences: among others, they provide their expertise on innovation projects dealing with gender equality, migration, security and safety of citizens, and innovative technologies and methods serving education and training.

The IT & Design service of Euroquality will provide you with the development of your IT tools and the design of your project identity.

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Nos offres d'emploi

Postes à pourvoir

Consultant(e) en montage et gestion de projets collaboratifs (H/F)


CDI ou CDD basé à Paris

Consultant(e) en montage et gestion de projets collaboratifs (H/F)


CDI ou CDD basé à Paris

Offres de stage

Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de stagiaires.

Si vous souhaitez rejoindre Euroquality, envoyez un CV et une lettre de motivation à : recrutement@euroquality.fr