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Depestele is the European leading private flax producer and values the entire straw by obtaining various products: long fiber, short fiber, shives and seeds.

… Euroquality was in charge of the project coordination during the setting-up, since the partner search to the writting of the proposal regarding the requirements of the LIFE programme … The relevance, effectiveness and expertise of the Euroquality team enable us to be selected by the EC

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Haikara is a french SME specialised in the creation of digital supports for learning

… Euroquality perfectly answered to our needs: the consultants understood rapidely the concept of our research project, they enable us finding complementary partners and they provided us with the optimal way of formulating and presenting our project, regarding the expectations of the European programme …

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ADEME is the French Environment and Energy Management Agency

Euroquality helped ADEME and its partners in the setting up of its project. […] This collaboration led to the selection of the CLIM’FOOT project through the LIFE European programme. The European Commission awarded the project with a grade of 86/100.

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ARIA Technologies

ARIA Technologies is an SME established in 1990, specialized in the atmospheric environment

Thanks to the support of this consulting firm, specialized in innovation, we can ask the right questions to better understand the constraints of our project and save time with our consortium to prepare a strong proposal that ensures profitability our innovation in the short and medium term…

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