Team Building in Bulgaria

For a few years now very popular in companies, team building is an effective way to reinforce the cohesion of a group, but not only! In order to increase team motivation after months of intensive work and to integrate new employees, the Euroquality team went to Melnik – Bulgaria – to join members of its sister company Europroject.

Through more enjoyable activities than others, links have been established and tightened. It was also an occasion to learn to communicate differently and boost personal and collective motivations. After all, the set up and management of European project are above all a team effort and this team building was an opportunity to reinforce the entrepreneurial spirit.

The members of both companies are looking forward to the next edition!

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Euroquality wishes you the best for 2019

At the occasion of the end-of-year holidays, Euroquality reunited its teams from Bordeaux and Paris for a great lunch in the Sentier neighbourhood. Those moments let the new members connect with the olders and define new objectives for 2019!

It is with pleasure Euroquality thanks you for your trust over this past year and wish you the best for the new to come.

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Two new energy projects won by Euroquality this past few days !

Euroquality is proud to have strongly participated in the setting-up of two new winning projects in the energy field. The IMPRESSIVE project, answering the call RES-2: “Disruptive innovation in clean energy technologies”, will develop an incredibly innovative high performance transparent solar cell with incredible market perspective in the near future. The GIFT project, answering the call ES-4: “Decarbonising energy systems of geographical islands”, gathers 17 actors around this objective. It will create great synergies between the different energy systems (electric, heating, transportation) and help integrate a high share of renewables on islands.
We will share more about these projects shortly, so stay tuned!

Euroquality’s 20 years birthday

For its 20 years birthday, Euroquality’s and its sister company Europroject’s teams gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria, for a few days, a few joint activities, and memorable times! Setting-up and managing european collaborative projects is a team effort and the incredible athmosphere in the workspace of Euroquality is indubitably a reason of its success. This event organised in the middle of the year strengthened already strong links between the consultants and created new ones during the different ativities. Now everyone is looking forward to the 30th birthday!

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Funding of the S-PARCS project with Euroquality’s participation

Active in the field of energy for several years, Euroquality is happy to participates to the S-PARCS project: “Envisioning and testing new models of sustainable energy cooperation and services in industrial parks” which received the funding of the European Commission answering the call Horizon 2020-EE-18-2017: Energy efficiency of industrial parks through energy cooperation and mutualised energy services.

The main goal of this project coordinated by the Energy Institute of the Johannes Kepler University is to elaborate and implement energy cooperation and mutualisation solutions in several industrial parks that are members of the consortium. The replicability of the solutions developed in various European industrial parks is also a main objective of the project.

The project is now in the contract making phase with the European Commission and is expected to begin in January 2018.

Euroquality contributed to the setting up of one of the world’s largest food safety projects across Europe and China.

The Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast will lead one of the world’s largest food safety projects across Europe and China. The European Horizon 2020 programme and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) programme have awarded €10 million towards an EU-China partnership to improve food safety and tackle food fraud. The project, coordinated by Professor Chris Elliott, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Queen’s and Professor Yongning Wu, Chief Scientist from the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, brings together 15 European actors from 10 different countries and 18 Chinese Organisations.

The EU-China-Safe project involves key players in the food industry, research organisations and Governments across two of the world’s largest trading areas. EU-China-Safe will reduce food fraud and improve food security by focusing on improving legislation, food inspection and increasing access to information on both continents. Advanced technologies, including a virtual lab, will create a unique space to share and demonstrate best practices. The use of innovative technologies will allow better detection of food spoilage as well as increased traceability and transparency of global supply chains.

Euroquality contributed to the setting up of the project and will coordinate the administrative and financial management of the project.

See full press release

Brokerage event on Energy Efficiency in Horizon 2020

Active on energy efficiency call, Euroquality attended this event organised by the European Commission at Lyon and gathering around a hundred persons. The day started with a quick presentation of 2017 calls by Anette Jahn from EASME agency and a feedback on results of 2014-2015 calls by Pascal Newton from the French ministry of research. In the statistics presented by Mr Newton, we can underline that the average European success rate on Energy Efficiency calls is around 11%. France has the second best success rate with 17.2%, just behind Germany (17.5%) but is only the fifth country when it comes to funding because of its low participation.

This event not being an Info Day, little time was dedicated to presenting the calls and the focus was put on the meeting and discussion of all stakeholders interested in participating to a H2020 project in 2017.  Five groups were made to discuss specific calls and topics: “Heating and Cooling”, “Consumers”, “Buildings”, “Industry, service, products”, “Investments & innovative financing”. Exchanges were very interesting for anyone willing to participate and being in a phase of consortium building.

The day ended with tips to build the best proposal and testimony of a H2020 project coordinator.

Final Conference of the IMPRESA project: the impact of research on European Union agriculture

Euroquality will present the results of the IMPRESA project on agricultural research activity data and trends in European agricultural science at the IMPRESA Final Conference that will be held at the FAO headquarters in Rome (Italy) on 4th November 2016.

The conference will provide an overview of the central insights emerging from the project and an opportunity to discuss the policy and research implications. It will feature presentations, an international panel of discussants, a poster exhibition and IMPRESA film screening to explain the findings from three years of investigation of research impact. Members of the project will be on hand to discuss results and provide detail on the project six case studies.

The main themes of the conference highlight data and trends in EU agricultural science, six international case studies on diverse impact pathways of science-based innovation, and key findings from quantitative impact analysis.