By programmes

By programmes


Coordinated by Université de MONS

H2020, 2019-2022, 11M€, 14 partners


Development of Metal Organic Framework for carbon capture


Coordinated by CNRS – France

H2020, 2019-2022, 3M€, 7 partners


Develop an incredibly innovative high performance transparent solar cell with strong market perspective in the near future.


Coordinated by INEA – Slovenia

H2020, 2018-2022, 12M€, 17 partners


Decarbonise the energy systems of geographical islands through an increase of their energies flexiblity.


Coordinated by INFOR ELEA – Italy

Erasmus+, 2018-2021, 449k€, 7 partners


Helping inmates and former inmates to successfully reintegrate into society and reducing recidivism through entrepreneurship.

Smart In’Air

Coordinated by In’Air Solution – France

LIFE, 2018-2022, 4M€, 10 partners


Smart indoor air monitoring network to reduce the impacts of pollutants on environment and health.


Coordinated by Energy Institute – Johannes Kepler University – Austria

H2020, 2018-2020, 2M€, 13 partners

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Envisioning and testing new models of sustainable energy cooperation and services in industrial parks


Coordinated by The Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast – Ireland

H2020, 2017-2021, 10M€, 33 partners

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Development of a joint EU-China food safety system about several aspects of food safety such as food legislation or food inspection.


Coordinateur : Paris Business School – France

Erasmus+, 2017-2020, 414k€, 8 partners

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The VIFRE project aims at developing a virtual incubator for refugee entrepreneurs to allow a better integration of this population in Europe.


Coordinated by Teillage Vandecandelaere – France

LIFE, 2016-2019, 1,44M€, 6 partners

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FARBioTY develops a fireproof and ageing resistant flax fibre-based-biocomposite and demonstrates its efficiency and safety in the transport industry.


Coordinated by ESTIA – France

H2020, 2015-2018, 1.7M EUR

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Implementation of a real time monitoring energy consumption platform and development of a serious game aiming at raising the awareness among citizens for energy efficiency.


Coordinated by IFV – France

Horizon 2020, 2015-2017, 2M EUR

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Implementation of a network of European wine-growing regions, aiming at exchanging and transferring innovative knowledge to increase the productivity and sustainability of the sector.


Coordinated by ADEME – France

LIFE, 2015-2018, 1.4M EUR

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Development of public policies to help organisations calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.


Coordinated by IFV – France

Erasmus + Strategic Partnership, 2015

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Experimentation of a blended learning training programme, mixing e-learning and physical sessions, on grapewine virus knowledge and management.


Coordinated by Haikara – France

Erasmus + Strategic Partnership, 2015-2017


Creation of a dashboard and associated communication protocol to gather and value all learning information from formal, informal and non-formal platforms.


Coordinated by ENOGIA S.A.S. – France

LIFE+, 2014-2016, 1.2M EUR

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Demonstration of the efficiency of an innovative technology for reducing the GHG emissions of thermal engines with power rates from 300kW to 2MW, by 5 to 10%.


Coordinated by Euroquality

FP7, 2014-2016, 2.6M EUR

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Research and studies on the future of the agricultural production in EU Eastern Neighbour countries.


Coordinated by Haikara – France

Erasmus + Strategic Partnership, 2014-2017

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Development of an adaptive learning system for contents depending on learning difficulties for children.


Coordinated by Bayer – France

Erasmus + Strategic Partnership, 2014

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Development and demonstration of an innovative e-learning platform to train professional users, advisors and distributors of plant protection products (PPPs) for their sustainable use.


Coordinated by LCI ELearning and training solutions – France

Erasmus + Strategic Partnership, 2014

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Demonstration of a practical solution for reducing the costs when increasing the quality of an aeronautics training course: the Part66 license.


Coordinated by Aberystwyth University

FP7, 2013-2016, 2.5M EUR

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The IMPRESA project has focused on assessing the socio-economic impacts of agricultural research in Europe.


Coordinated by Gedicom – France

FP7, 2013-2017, 5M€, 11 partners

The project Snowball aims at lowering the impact of aggravating factors in crisis situation thanks to adaptive foresight and decision-support tools.


Coordinated by Cluster Logistique Rhone-Alpes – France

LIFE+, 2013-2016, 2M EUR


Demonstration of an integrated and innovative approach to urban logistics, encouraging cooperation amongst the actors involved, using new distribution schemes and implementing a range of measures to reduce the negative effects of the current logistics processes on the urban environment.


Coordinated by Metrovision – France

Eurostars, 2011-2014, 1.5M EUR

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Development of a new device for Infant Vision evaluation.


Coordinated by University of Cambridge – UK

FP7, 2009-2013, 3.8M EUR

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Understanding of the mechanisms involved in obesity: interaction between central nervous system and periphery.


Coordinated by Sociedade Portuguesa De Inovacao – Portugal

FP7, 2010-2012, 1.2M EUR

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Enhanced co-operation in food and health with a view to strengthening the European Research Area.


Coordinated by COHRED – Switzerland

FP7, 2011-2014, 2.3M EUR

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Reduction of health inequalities by studying determinants and identifying best practices through an enhancement of north-south and south-south cooperation.


Coordinated by ACTIA – France

FP7, 2012-2014, 4M EUR

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Introduction of biobased polybutylene succinate as a new material on the food packaging market.


Coordinated by ACTIA – France

FP7, 2011-2014, 3.9M EUR

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Development of innovative methods for the identification and elimination of contaminants arising during food processing.


Coordinated by ACTIA – France

FP7, 2011-2013, 1.1M EUR

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Roadmap for the utilisation of miniaturised smart systems in the food sector.


Coordinated by CCI Vaucluse – France

CIP Eco-innovation, 2011-2013

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Improvement of the access to information and knowledge on eco-innovation for the food industries and in particular the SMEs and service providers.


Coordinated by ACTIA – France

FP7, 2009-2011, 1.16M EUR

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European Initiative for a better use of the results of agri-food research.


Coordinated by Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales, IFES – Spain

LLP, 2009-2011

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Methodological proposals to facilitate the implementation and development of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) for the food sector in the EU.


Coordinated byERIA – Estonia

FP7-REGPOT, 2008


Improvement of the capacity for assessment and prognoses of the quality risks of food and feed in the Baltic region.


Coordinated by Instituto de Formación y Estudios Sociales, IFES – Spain

LLP, 2008

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Recognition of comptetences and qualifications in the European Food Industry.


Coordinated by Schneider – France

LIFE +, 2010-2013, 1.7M EUR

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Demonstration of an ICT solution reducing energy consumption in public buildings.


Coordinated by Artelys – France

AMI ADEME Smart grids, 2011-2015, 4.5M EUR


Optimization Platform of transcontinental Supergrid.


Coordinated by Vysoke uceni technicke v Brne – Czech Republic

FP7-REGPOT, 2009-2012, 1M EUR


Advanced electronic communication systems and Technologies, oriented in Space communications, Microwave, Optoelectronics and Mobile communications.


Coordinated by DBT – France

FP7, 2012-2015, 2.4M EUR

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Development of a cost effective modular infrastructure offering a global solution for EV charging.


Coordinated by Conseil Général des Yvelines – France

LIFE+, 2012-2017, 3.5M EUR

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Development of urban infrastructure in the ecological loop of Chanteloup.


Coordinated by IFV – France

LIFE+, 2010-2014, 1.95M EUR

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Demonstration project given the possibility to fathom out the interest in reinforcing landscape structures in vineyards (practice of vineyard ground cover, use of hedges) to favor biodiversity restoration.


Coordinated by ARIA Technologies – France

LIFE+, 2010-2012, 1.4M EUR

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Demonstration of an air quality monitoring and forecast system in Bucharest, Romania.


Coordinated by IFV – France

CIP Eco-innovation, 2009-2012, 1M EUR

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Demonstration of ecological innovative techniques and an environmental methodology for vine cultivation and wine production contributing to the saving of the environment.


Coordinated by IFV – France

LLP, 2012

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Development of training tools for eco-design of wineries.


Coordinated by IFV – France

LLP, 2012

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Development of an e-learning platform to address challenges that climate change poses for European wine producers.


Coordinated by FINAXO Environnement – France

LIFE+, 2010-2012, 1.7M EUR

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Test a new process of pyrogasification for the heat treatment and the energy of the sludge coming from wastewater treatment plant.


Coordinated by Artelys – France

FP7, 2011-2014, 2.85M EUR

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Design of a decision support tool for sustainable, reliable and cost-effective energy strategies in cities and industrial complexes.


Coordinated by ITERG – France

CIP Eco-innovation, 2011-2014

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Demonstration project of new formulations of sunflower-based bio-lubricants with high oleic acid contents.

PC Radar

Coordinated by Sodena – France

Eurostars, 2000-2003, 1.25M EUR

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Development of marine radar based on PC (Personal Computer) technology, linked to a radar marine antenna.


Coordinated by CEGELEC – France


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The project aims to improve significantly the efficiency of the search and rescue operations in the base of a crisis (natural, industrial or terrorist disaster) by an optimal use of the existing technologies and by the development of new capabilities.


Coordinated by Evitech – France


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New tools and innovative approach for the detection of individual threatening behaviours.