European project management

European project management

Euroquality is specialised in administrative, technical and financial management of funded European projects in order to allow coordinators and partners focusing mainly on research, development and demonstration activities.
From its 18 years of experience, Euroquality has a broad experience in the following activities:
  • Administrative management;
  • Financial management and reporting;
  • Logistics, facilitation and minutes of transnational meeting;
  • Exploitation plan & Dissemination;
  • Risks management;
  • Collaborative tools;
  • Day to day management (online meeting, planning, etc);
Euroquality is currently involved in the management of Horizon 2020 projects as partner, in a LIFE project and Erasmus+ project as subcontractor. Those projects are displayed hereunder. For more information about all the projects Euroquality participated to, check the references.


Coordinated by Energy Institute – Johannes Kepler University – Austria

H2020, 2018-2020, 2M€, 13 partners

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Envisioning and testing new models of sustainable energy cooperation and services in industrial parks


Coordinated by The Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast – Irlande

H2020, 2017-2021, 10M€, 33 partners

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Development of a joint EU-China food safety system about several aspects of food safety such as food legislation or food inspection.


Coordinateur : Paris Business School – France

Erasmus+, 2017-2020, 414k€, 8 partners

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The VIFRE project aims at developing a virtual incubator for refugee entrepreneurs to allow a better integration of this population in Europe.


Coordinated by Teillage Vandecandelaere – France

LIFE, 2016-2019, 1,44M€, 6 partners

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FARBioTY develops a fireproof and ageing resistant flax fibre-based-biocomposite and demonstrates its efficiency and safety in the transport industry.


Coordinated by ESTIA – France

H2020, 2015-2018, 1.7M EUR

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Implementation of a real time monitoring energy consumption platform and development of a serious game aiming at raising the awareness among citizens for energy efficiency.


Coordinated by IFV – France

Horizon 2020, 2015-2017, 2M EUR

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Implementation of a network of European wine-growing regions, aiming at exchanging and transferring innovative knowledge to increase the productivity and sustainability of the sector.

The Euroquality expertise in project management is a major asset in the setting-up methodology, thanks to a better understanding of management rules in European projects.