Our team

We offer you highly qualified and domain-specific experts

Our experts are our most valuable asset for reaching the excellent quality of work we deliver. For each mission, we assign the most relevant team of consultants, composed by two or three experts with complementary backgrounds and levels of expertise.

  • photo employee MAILLARD

    Barthélémy MAILLARD

    Chief Strategic Officer

    Since 2011, Barthélémy has acquired a unique and transversal knowledge of European innovation ecosystem. Part of the Executive Board, he oversees the strategic and commercial development of the company. Piloting the Environment Unit thanks to its original MSc in chemistry, Barthélémy is also supervising the Agri-Food, Climate and Health units, ensuring highest quality of the work performed.

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  • photo employee MONJAC

    Doris MONJAC

    Chief HR and Administrative Officer

    Involved in EU programmes since 2013, Doris has a strong background in integration of Social Sciences and Humanities in EU projects. She is responsible for Human Resources and administrative operations of the company. Besides, Doris is chairing the Economy and Society unit, with special knowledge on entrepreneurship, capacity building, as well as gender equity.

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  • photo employee LAFON

    Yannick LAFON

    Chief Technical Officer

    Holding a double degree in Energy and Political sciences, Yannick has initiated our Energy unit in 2016. Within the Executive Board, he is implemeting our quality insurance policy, ensuring continuous improvement of our work. Yannick is still involved in the overal supervision of the Energy unit and is closely monitoring the Project Communication and Management Team.

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  • photo employee FLIGNY

    Cécile FLIGNY

    Project Manager

    Cécile has a PhD in Physiology and Physiopathology and 10+ years of experience managing research projects in academic and industry settings, with expertise in H2020 and clinical regulatory documents. She is a project manager at Euroquality, specializing in agro-food and health sectors.

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  • photo employee BEDU

    Suzon​ BEDU

    Head of Unit

    Agronomy engineer, specialised in sustainable development of agricultural value chains and rural territories, Suzon has an extensive knowledge of the European Agri-Food innovation ecosystem. Working in EU projects since 2018, she also valorizes her knowledge in social sciences applied to the rural world and sociology of organisations in our projects.

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  • photo employee GRACIA

    Working in EU project since 2014, Clémence initially got a double master’s degrees in international development and a MBA in engineering and environmental management. She acquired strong knowledge in urban development, climate change adaptation and carbon accounting, including through an epxerience in French Agency for Climate and Environment.

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  • photo employee ROSSIGNOL

    Pierre holds a MSc degree in environmental biotechnology and high throughput analysis. His expertise includes marine biology, microbiology, and synthetic biology. Moreover, Pierre has acquired important knwoledge in biodiversity management thanks to various European projects.

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  • photo employee PEASE

    Alice​ PEASE


    Alice holds a Master's degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Lyon and has experience in international project management. She worked on an ecological project at Europol, managed Erasmus projects, and built international teams for architectural projects at a German consultancy. Alice currently works at Euroquality on gender equality, entrepreneurship, and migrant integration projects.

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  • photo employee CLAVERIE


    Head of unit

    Léa holds a master's degree in health biology and a PhD in neuroscience. She has organized international summer schools for biology PhD students and participated in public outreach events (Pint of Science).

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  • photo employee FRANÇOIS

    Holding a Master's degree in Development Economics, Charlotte is specialized in environmental economics and sustainable development. Charlotte acquired specific knowledge on economic development in Mediterranean countries at the FEMISE think tank.

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  • photo employee SOUDON

    As a food Science engineer, Juliette is expert in assessing impact of food on human and ecosystem health, notably with experiences at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Research Team in Nutritional Epidemiology (EREN - INSERM/INRA3). Juliette also initiated the European comparative study of Nutri-Score performance, published in 2020.

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  • photo employee MOSSERI-LEFEBVRE​

    Lola is a graduate engineer from Mines d'Albi and Mines ParisTech in France, as well as from Hangzhou University in China. After a general engineering background, she specialised in energy, environment and finally in international project management.

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  • photo employee HAMET

    Romain HAMET


    Romain is a general engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and holds a Master's degree in Environmental Risk Governance from the University of Lyon. He gained interest in energy and climate issues while working at IHI Corporation (Yokohama, Japan) on energy storage market analysis and at EGREGA (Lyon) on wind and solar project development.

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  • photo employee VIGUIER

    Raphaëlle holds a Master's degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Paris, with a focus on environmental security. She has worked as a risk analyst in East and Southeast Asia and contributed to international youth events. Within Euroquality she specialises on education projects as well as on projects anchored around social sciences and citizen participation.

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  • photo employee MOUSSAÏD

    Nadia MOUSSAÏD

    Project Manager

    Holding a Master's degree in European Governance, Nadia has an extensive knowledge on the development and management of European R&I projects. She has also acquired skills and knowledge on communication and dissemination of R&I outputs.

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  • photo employee MICHEL

    Camille MICHEL


    Camille graduated from ESPCI Paris, a research-oriented engineering school with focus on physics, chemistry and biology. Through an additional master of science in Energy, she is specialised in decarbonation of fuels (carbon capture, hydrogen, biomass) and sustainable energy and materials (photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage).

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  • photo employee MAILLET

    Lucie MAILLET


    Lucie is an agronomy engineer, specialized in sustainable agriculture and rural development. She is experienced in territorial analysis and systemic comprehension of rural dynamics, having developed knowledge in rural sociology and rural innovation.

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  • photo employee OUDART

    Jérôme holds a MSc degree, specialised in energy, coupled with a Master of Philosophy in ethics, ecology and sustainable development. Along his experience, Jérôme focused on climate-related issues. He puts forward his interest in these issues when facilitating workshops of the 'Climate Fresk'.

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  • photo employee NIKOLOVA

    Antonia holds a Master’s degree in International Security with a focus on diplomacy, energy and climate from Sciences Po Paris. She has extensive experience in the fields of European affairs and policies, political and energy analysis.

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  • photo employee CAMACHO

    Lisa CAMACHO


    Lisa holds a MSc specialised in health technologies, medical imaging and biology. Through her previous experiences, she has also acquired knwoledge in regulatory affairs and computational sciences, often integrated within health-related projects.

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  • photo employee JOSSERON

    After her engineering master's degree in mathematical modelling for mechanics, specialised in renewable energies, followed by a master in Earth climates, Amandine acquired skills and knowledge related to climate change mitigation and adaptation in European projects.

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  • photo employee SAINT-OMER

    Jeanne holds a MSc degree in energy engineering from Grenoble INP – ENSE3 with a specialisation in energy systems and associated markets, coupled with a Master in Energy Economics and Policy. She acquired knowledge along the whole energy chain with a focus on renewable energies, economic and societal aspects.

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  • photo employee JACQ

    Urielle JACQ


    Beyond her MSc degree in agronomy, with specialisation in sustainable agriculture and rural development, Urielle has acquired specific knowledge on implementation of the multi-actor approach within EU projects and related integration of farmers.

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  • photo employee FOVELLE

    Solène FOVELLE

    Project Manager

    Solène holds a Master's degree in European & international studies with a focus in project engineering. Solène is specialised in EU fundings, management of collaborative projects, and development of dissemination, communication & exploitation activities.

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  • photo employee MOLINARI

    Laura MOLINARI

    Project Manager

    After obtaining a master's degree in European Union Policies and Project Management, Laura specialised in setting up and managing European research projects at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and was national contact point for the ERC.

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  • photo employee SAVANÉ

    Kouradjiguy SAVANÉ

    Web developper and designer

    Experienced web designer adept in conceiving, designing, and building visually appealing websites and applications. Bringing over 4 years of expertise to create bespoke designs tailored to meet clients' unique needs and requirements. Worked at MicrowebMedia digital agency for 1 year and as a freelancer at Mansah Design for over 2 years, honing skills in project management, communication, and client satisfaction.

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  • photo employee VALLAEYS

    Hélène holds a MSc degree in renewable energy engineering and management, coupled with a master's degree in energy and environmental engineering. She has developed skills in setting up and managing European projects on energy-related topics.

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  • photo employee SINODINOS

    Marie-Line supports the Executive Board in the daily operation of the company, especially from an administrative and financial perspective.

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  • photo employee SHENGOLD



    After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in political sciences and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and regional development, Marc has perfected his skills and experience by both setting up and managing large-scale EU projects. He particularly appreciates conducting transdisciplinary workshops and events, in English, French or Italian.

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  • photo employee Hendrickx

    Pierre Hendrickx

    Junior Consultant

    Pierre is a graduate engineer from Grenoble INP – PHELMA in France and holds a MSc degree in advanced materials for innovation and sustainability from the Aalto University in Finland. He is specialised in innovant materials for renewable energy applications.

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